‘Evel Knievel-style’ motorcycle jump proposed to mark reopening of White Rock pier – BC

‘Evel Knievel-style’ motorcycle jump proposed to mark reopening of White Rock pier – BC

in Jan 16, 2019


The mayor of White Rock says council will take a look at a plan by a stuntman to do an Evel Knievel-style jump to celebrate the reopening of the damaged pier if several conditions are met.

The plan was first hatched in the days after the pier was cut in two during a windstorm in December.

Local promoter Brooke Colby initially envisioned a stunt that would see a rider actually jump the gap created by the pier’s partial collapse.

After tough year, loss of White Rock pier has businesses on edge

“When this happened, I thought, ‘Man, that’d be awesome to jump that pier,’” Colby told Global News.

That idea has since been scaled back, with Colby making a presentation to council on Monday night pitching some kind of jump on the beach instead.

The proposal comes as local businesses have expressed concerns about the future, with the pier, a major tourist draw, closed.

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Mayor Darryl Walker said the event would need multiple approvals from provincial and federal agencies before the idea could even be looked at by the city.

“They have to realize there are three levels of government that have to be dealt with before we even step into the scenario — first one is the federal, basically, Fisheries and Oceans.”

Does he think the idea will fly?

White Rock pier won’t be repaired until late-August: Mayor

“I am very doubtful this will go forward. Our job is to rebuild the pier, not use it as a spectacle.”

But Colby is not giving up hope, and says his work is just getting started.

“The sale begins when the customer says no,” he said.

Walker said earlier this month that the pier likely won’t be repaired until late August, at a cost of between $5 million and $6 million.

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