Former bouncer shot at downtown Edmonton bar looking for justice: ‘I hope he gets life’ – Edmonton

Former bouncer shot at downtown Edmonton bar looking for justice: ‘I hope he gets life’ – Edmonton

in Feb 07, 2019

At 6’9″, Geoff Summers is an imposing figure.

The 31-year-old used to be a bar bouncer but on Dec. 2, 2018, while on the job, Summers was shot and nearly lost his life.

Summers spent two months recovering in hospital from the bullet wound and was just released last week. He told Global News what he remembered about that night and how doctors told his family he is lucky to be alive.

“I knew it was a bullet as soon as I heard it,” he said.

“It went through my arm, underneath my collarbone and hit an artery underneath my collarbone and it’s still lodged in my shoulder.”

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Summers was working at the Alibi Ultra Lounge on the corner of Jasper Avenue and 100 Street.

He said two groups inside the bar had been arguing so he and another bouncer told the aggressive group of five to leave.

Once outside, Summers said he fought with one of the group members.

“He had lost and he was pissed off that he lost and that’s when things escalated, I think.”

Summers said two men then went to a car and brought back a gun.

At that point, Summers said staff were back inside and behind the doorway of the bar. Summers said he was holding the doors closed but the group tried kicking its way back in.

“They booted the door in and broke the glass and all this stuff, then the shots came out.”

Summers recalled hearing at least four shots. He said the second bullet hit him in his right arm, then ricocheted through his chest.

An off-duty nurse and doctor helped keep Summers alive. He lost 19 units of blood.

There have been no public announcements about any arrests but Summers wants the person responsible to be charged with attempted murder.

“I want to make sure he gets what he deserves. I hope he gets life.”

The gunman has not been arrested.

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Summers had planned on leaving his job at the end of December to focus on his passion: working on cars.

He had a job at a dealership and said that job is waiting for him if and when he recovers.

For now, the focus is on physiotherapy and to gain back strength. His right arm, where the bullet first entered, now has a metal rod from his shoulder to his elbow.

He has started to get movement back in his left fingers but said the pain is still overbearing.

“The nerves are reconnecting. It feels like you’re getting shocked every five or six seconds.”

“I have at least a year to recover. It’s a long road.”

Summers said once healed, he will decide whether or not to remove the bullet in his left shoulder.

He just wants to get back to work.

“I’m still here so I’m not giving up yet.”

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