Alberta commits $100M to 16 green transportation projects

Alberta commits $100M to 16 green transportation projects

in Mar 12, 2019


Alberta is ponying up $100 million to kick-start new green transportation projects, including a truck that can drive long distances while delivering net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The truck project is being developed by the Alberta Motor Transport Association.

Feds announce initial step to help large emitters cut greenhouse gasses

The province is funding 16 such projects that it says will create 114 new jobs while, in terms of GHG reductions, taking the equivalent of more than 530,000 cars off the road.

Another project will see the City of Edmonton test market a more cost-effective charging system to transition buses from diesel to electric.

The province is also providing an additional $5 million to assist small and medium-sized oil and gas companies at reducing methane waste through energy-efficient equipment upgrades.

$70M committed to Alberta greenhouse emission-reducing projects

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips announced the projects Tuesday.

“Alberta is better positioned than ever before to help our homegrown industries reduce emissions and become more competitive in a lower-carbon future,” Phillips said about the projects.


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