‘We all quit’: Burger King’s disgruntled staff quits via giant sign – National

in Jul 13, 2021

Fed-up Burger King staff walked off the job in Lincoln, Neb., last week, after giving their boss — and everyone else — an approximately 50-foot-high resignation letter. “We all quit,” the sign outside the Nebraska restaurant read Monday. “Sorry for the inconvenience.” It was a crowning moment for the now-former Burger King employees, who[…]

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A workplace resignation boom may be looming. Here’s why

in May 16, 2021

After burning the candle at both ends before the COVID-19 pandemic and for months during the lockdown and restrictions, Karen Gladden Barre decided that enough was enough. The North Vancouver mother of three stepped back from her job running operations and marketing at her husband’s technology company to spend more time with family and[…]

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