Beautification project gives N.S. First Nation income assistance clients work experience – Halifax

in Jun 10, 2022

A beautification project is offering employment to income assistance clients living on the Sipekne’katik First Nation. “The beautification project is cleaning up our community, it is landscaping, and also assisting elders,” says Courtney Knockwood, the program lead. It employs 16 people ranging in age from 17 to 68, all of whom are income assistance clients.[…]

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A Halifax woman and how her disability impacts her finding work – Halifax

in May 30, 2022

Halifax resident KJ St. Coeur-Dowe says finding employment wasn’t easy. “I am completely blind and have limited mobility and I have a hearing impairment,” they said. “I had to stop university due to financial reasons so I was looking (for a job) and kept facing a brick wall — not being able to go to[…]

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Young Canadians hoping to move up find hybrid work model challenging – National

in Apr 06, 2022

After working remotely since starting a new job at the beginning of the year, Madison Rogers was excited to get into the office in March and spend time collaborating with her co-workers at Toronto-based Fuse Create. “I felt energized meeting my co-workers in person, I’m even more motivated to do good work,” she said in an[…]

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Canadians living with autism overlooked for employment opportunities: report – Toronto

in Mar 30, 2022

Canadian employers are being challenged when it comes to filling vacant roles. However, a new report finds many companies are overlooking a group that could help: those living with autism. Embracing neurodiversity at work: how Canadians with autism can help employers close the talent gap, a report by Deloitte, highlights a number of barriers people[…]

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Reopening in Alberta: hospitality sector is ready to hire

in Mar 12, 2022

As reopening continues around Alberta, there’s renewed optimism for those looking for steady employment. A number of hiring fairs are being held around Calgary, including an in-person job fair at National on 10th. “This is my first time. It’s really exciting. I’m kind of nervous,” said culinary arts student, Laura Danchek. “I haven’t been able[…]

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Employers revamp hiring plans to meet talent crunch, demand for hybrid work

in Mar 11, 2022

Employers are realizing they need to be more flexible to win what experts call the “war for talent,” as job seekers maintain the upper hand in Canada’s tight labour market heading into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest jobs numbers from Statistics Canada released Friday show a frenzy of activity in Canada’s[…]

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Alberta follows national trend of lower unemployment, but not all Albertans still seeking work

in Nov 05, 2021

Canada’s official unemployment rate is slowly falling and Alberta is following the national trend. Statistics Canada says the economy added 31,000 jobs in October, bringing the national unemployment rate to a pandemic-era low of 6.7 per cent — down from 6.9 per cent in September. Gains were seen across a number of industries, including[…]

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Lethbridge a ‘really affordable’ community: living wage report – Lethbridge

in Nov 03, 2021

Making a living wage in some Alberta communities is easer than in others, according to a new report. On Monday, the Alberta Living Wage Network (ALWN) launched its first-ever report highlighting 12 communities across the province. “Living wage for communities is essentially the dollar value that somebody needs to be paid in order to[…]

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Most of Canada’s job losses are in part-time work. Why that may lead to labour shortages – National

in Jun 04, 2021

The Canadian economy saw a second straight month of job losses in May, and most of the positions shed were in part-time work, according to the latest data from Statistics Canada. While provinces look to ease COVID-19 restrictions in the coming months, economists warn recouping these lost jobs may not happen so quickly, which[…]

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Nursing graduates start careers in the midst of pandemic – Winnipeg

in May 14, 2021

The road to graduation hasn’t been a typical one for nursing students, but for graduate Hannah Payumo, it’s made her even more passionate about the profession. “Being so close to the end of my program, I really just wanted to say, ‘Put me in, coach.’ I really want to be there,” Payumo said. It[…]

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