Career Development Advisory

An individual’s strengths and weaknesses are often interpreted differently in various cultures and work forces. We strive to procure and mitigate each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses respectively.

  • Track record evaluation of current and past roles
  • Scenario driven analysis for specific traits and tendencies
  • ┬áRelative risk profiling and mitigation

Training & Retraining

Many newcomers face various issues in certification and credential validation when entering the Canadian work force

  • Advisory quarterback
  • Provide comprehensive and timely advice
  • Actual training in bridging gaps

Advanced Placement

To assist experienced and seasoned professionals during their preparations in entering the Canadian work force.

  • Credentials & Certification Validation
  • Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis
  • Training & Re-Training guidance
Core Competency

Core Competency

We specialize in assisting newcomers, Inexperienced and Experienced job seekers in the Accounting, Finance & Technology fields to match their under-utilized talents and unique perspective with top tiered corporations for permanent, contract and project opportunities. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect match for both the candidates and the employer.
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Our mission at Simmico is to fill the role of a career advisory quarterback by identifying core strengths and weaknesses, providing tailored training and re-training tools, and eventually, bridging the gap between un-tapped talent and the ever evolving job market.

Our StorySevices

Extensive work experience in the financial/tehnology industry and, who was once a newcomer to Canada...INPUT HERE HIGHLIGHTS AND CREDENTIALS OF MAJOR STAKEHOKDERS AND STAFF.

Our passion of assisting newcomers in various career development elements started as far back as 2014, and it was such immense sense of self satisfaction and fulfillment that propelled us in establishing Simmico Inc.

Social Responsibilities

Newcomers are often deemed "inferior" due to their lack of "Canadian work experience". With globalization in full stride, we aim to identify and procures each candidate's unique and often overlooked qualities, and funnel them into the roles that can benefit from them the most.

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