Montrealers protest against man guilty of sexual abuse ‘inadequate’ sentence – Montreal

in Jul 10, 2022

Hundreds of people are rallying in front of Montreal’s courthouse today to denounce a light sentence imposed on a man who pleaded guilty to sexual assault and voyeurism.

Protest co-organizer Alexandra Dupuy says the decision to grant a conditional discharge in a sexual assault case shows how inadequate the justice system is when it comes to handling such cases.


People take part in a protest against a decision by judge Matthieu Poliquin in the case against a man who pled guilty to sexual assault and voyeurism in Montreal, Sunday, July 10, 2022.


Judge Matthieu Poliquin in Trois-Rivières, Que., opted last week to give Simon Houle probation and a conditional discharge, partly because a conviction would make it hard for Houle to travel as an engineer.

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Poliquin said the 2019 assault happened “all in all quickly,” adding that Houle, who pleaded guilty last year, had taken therapy seriously and sincerely regretted his actions.

Dupuy says while most people are criticizing Poliquin, it’s the legal process that ought to be questioned and revisited.

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Quebec’s Crown prosecutors office said it will appeal the judge’s sentencing decision.

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